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ImageSleuth, is a Computer Vision and Machine Learning company, we have developed the next generation video analytics.  Our patented platform is massively scalable, affordable and HIPAA/GDPR compliant.  Our platform anonymously detects and tracks people in real-time, simultaneously, on hundreds and even thousands of cameras, without the use of biometrics protecting the privacy of the public.   We offer our customers actionable insights into their video, allowing them to use real-time information across their enterprise to help provide successful security outcomes and better customer experiences, saving them critical time and allowing them to do the impossible.   


ImageSleuth video analytics platform provides actionable insights in Real-Time by finding and tracking people across large camera networks all while protecting everyones privacy.


Privacy Protection

Most public safety technologies intrude on peoples’ privacy. ImageSleuth finds, detects and tracks people anonymously, using the same kind of information that witnesses use to describe persons of interest. 

Security is a team effort. ImageSleuth incorporates mobility, real-time queries and data sharing, and enables our clients to create new procedures to drive more successful outcomes.


Managing Volumes of Video 

Our customers are struggling to manage Terabytes of data generated daily by their large IP camera networks. ImageSleuth processes this data in real-time and provides powerful tools that serve as a force multiplier for security and public safety officials protecting large, open facilities and venues.

Saving Critical Time

ImageSleuth significantly accelerates current monitoring and forensic tasks while enabling a slew of new, real-time capabilities to address gaps in existing security protocols, making our customers safer, while saving them critical time and money.

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