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ImageSleuth, is a Computer Vision and Machine Learning company, we have developed the next generation video analytics.  Our patented platform is massively scalable, affordable and HIPAA/GDPR compliant.  Our platform anonymously detects and tracks people in real-time, simultaneously, on hundreds and even thousands of cameras, without the use of biometrics protecting the privacy of the public.   We offer our customers actionable insights into their video, allowing them to use real-time information across their enterprise to help provide successful security outcomes and better customer experiences, saving them critical time and allowing them to do the impossible.   


ImageSleuth offers patented, next generation real-time video analytics.  Our patented technology detects and tracks people in video, without creating or storing privacy-infringing biometric data. Instead, our platform finds over 50 generic attributes about each person, including age, gender, ethnicity, as well as descriptive details like hair and eye color, facial hair, eyewear, clothing color, mood and more. Our massively scalable platform can analyze an unlimited number of data streams and provides powerful user tools to search and manage that data, making your facility safer, while saving time and money on high value tasks.

Security is a team effort

We give our customers powerful insights into their video allowing them to use real-time information across their enterprise to help provide successful security outcomes and better customer experiences.

The ImageSleuth platform enables Real-Time Search; Forensic Analysis; BOLO Alerts; Instant Line-Up for interaction with witnesses, People Tracking, Rapid Redaction, Real-time Demographic Analysis, Real-time Data Sharing and Mobile Capabilities that allow team members to take ImageSleuth into the field. These capabilities make handling existing monitoring and forensic tasks 10x more efficient and provide our customers with powerful new tools to fill existing gaps in their security protocols.   

Privacy Protection

Privacy -  protect the privacy of every person captured in our video streams. We don’t create or collect any biometric information that can be used to identify individuals – making our technology GDPR exempt.


Mobility – get the full capabilities of the ImageSleuth solution in the field on your tablet device:    

  1. Instantly share critical information with team members within the SOC and in the field

  2. Communicate and coordinate rapid responses to developing events


Speed -  when events unfold in real-time, you cannot afford to wait for results. We offer real-time reaction enabling instantaneous search, tracking and other features that afford new techniques and procedures impacting dozens of use cases.


Integration -  we interoperate with your legacy IP camera and video management infrastructure.


Teamwork -  share time critical information instantly within your security team to maximize their effectiveness.


Scalability -  a single ImageSleuth appliance can process over 11 terabytes a day. Our solution scales linearly with the number of deployed appliances.  ImageSleuth can also be deployed in the cloud.


Affordability -  our solution cost is well below what you are currently paying per camera for your high-end analytics, while providing at least a 10x return on investment in the form of time savings on existing tasks as well as enabling new tasks that fill voids in your current security procedures.

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