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ImageSleuth, is a Computer Vision and Machine Learning company, we have developed the next generation video analytics.  Our patented platform is massively scalable, affordable and HIPAA/GDPR compliant.  Our platform anonymously detects and tracks people in real-time, simultaneously, on hundreds and even thousands of cameras, without the use of biometrics protecting the privacy of the public.   We offer our customers actionable insights into their video, allowing them to use real-time information across their enterprise to help provide successful security outcomes and better customer experiences, saving them critical time and allowing them to do the impossible.   


ImageSleuth is a Seattle-based Computer Vision and Machine Learning company that develops next generation video analytics. Our prime objective is to provide solutions for customers who are struggling to keep up with terabytes of data generated daily by their large IP camera networks. Our patented platform is massively scalable and affordable, detects and tracks people in real-time, without the need for a face database, collection or storing of biometric data. We work simultaneously on hundreds and even thousands of cameras. Our powerful, easy to use tools significantly reduce the time it takes to do existing monitoring and forensic tasks, while enabling new, real-time capabilities that address gaps in existing security plans. ImageSleuth is a force multiplier for security and public safety officials protecting large, open venues – making our customers safer, while maximizing the use of existing resources. We have application in law enforcement, retail, large venues, “smart” cities, government and other large corporations.  


Rapidly detecting and tracking persons of interest in crowds are critical public safety tasks. Doing so, while protecting the identity of people who are out in public is rapidly becoming the challenge of our time. ImageSleuth offers a patented, next-generation, GDPR compliant, real-time video analytics platform that integrates seamlessly into legacy Video management Systems. We work with your legacy IP camera, body-worn cameras, dash cameras, and VMS frameworks, indoors and outdoors in a wide variety of lighting conditions, PTZ, body-worn and even mobile cameras. Our massively scalable platform automatically detects and tracks people in hundreds and even thousands of streams in real-time, anonymously collecting ImageSleuth Police Features™ about each person. These include demography: age, gender, ethnicity; descriptive details, like hair and eye color, facial hair, eyewear, clothing and hat color and even details like mood. ImageSleuth Police Features™ facilitate high value tasks without using biometric data, which protects the privacy of the people observed in the video streams. We provide a set of intuitive and user-friendly tools to query producing instant results to tasks, like people search, that until now have required hours of human review of video streams.  Our solution is a hybrid, it can be deployed on premise and/or in the cloud. 


Our ImageSleuth platform has applications across multiple vertical markets providing actionable insight that can be shared across your enterprise enabling our customers to do now what has been impossible. 



Your video and image corpus is an information goldmine, regardless of whether your business is retail or security – and just as difficult to harvest. Until now.  ImageSleuth provides you with new interactive tools –– that are state-of-the-art, easy to use, easy to integrate and scale indefinitely. Our technology utilizes cutting edge computer vision and machine learning techniques. Our emphasis on simplicity of use and integration means that our customers can in a few minutes have access to results derived from years of R&D, all the while seamlessly benefiting from our relentless drive to deepen and enhance our offerings. Our goal is to delight our customers by inventing new, massively scalable techniques that open up new business opportunities. We are market driven, constantly working to improve the scope and quality of what we can harvest.


We look forward to doing business with you.


Dr. Noah Friedland Co-Founder     

Helene Behar Co-Founder

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ImageSleuth now offers our new appliance that can be leased over a multi-year contract with very competitive pricing.  Our minimum deployment is for 420 cameras.

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