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ImageSleuth, is a Computer Vision and Machine Learning company, we have developed the next generation video analytics.  Our patented platform is massively scalable, affordable and HIPAA/GDPR compliant.  Our platform anonymously detects and tracks people in real-time, simultaneously, on hundreds and even thousands of cameras, without the use of biometrics protecting the privacy of the public.   We offer our customers actionable insights into their video, allowing them to use real-time information across their enterprise to help provide successful security outcomes and better customer experiences, saving them critical time and allowing them to do the impossible.   

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Saving Critical Time

ImageSleuth enables "rapid reaction" real-time queries to find people using general descriptive features on a mobile device such as a surface or iPad.   This gives you an instant lineup of individuals fitting that description on your mobile device in the field giving the witness an opportunity to point out the person of interest or lost individual in real-time.  Find them on the cameras and track their direction all with everyone being totally ANONYMOUS this is not facial recognition.   We do not have a data base of faces that we are checking against, this is a huge invasion of privacy. 

Real-Time Rapid Search

Query thousands of hours of video using vague eyewitness descriptions. Search for one or more people using high-level ImageSleuth Police Features™– get results instantly

Instant Lineup

Instantaneously create a lineup of people fitting a given description to allow a witness to rapidly identify a person of interest and initiate search and tracking of that person (or persons) 

Rapid Forensic Analysis

ImageSleuth takes metadata collected from all the real-time streams it observes and stores it in a searchable database. This means that all of our tools for real-time video feed analysis and alerting can 

People Tracking

Track persons of interest across multiple cameras using high-level descriptions, ImageSleuth Police Features™– Once a reliable set of attributes has been derived, ImageSleuth provides the means to track 


(Be On the LOokout) Set real-time search alerts in ImageSleuth enabled cameras for people using ImageSleuth Police Features™ that will immediately notify security personnel where and when a 

Rapid Redaction

Our patented, easy-to-use redaction tools combine automated and semi-automated techniques that increase throughput by a factor of 10:   Redact people from video clips based upon 

Demographic Analytic Insight

Harvest demography in real-time, enabling dynamic billboards, kiosks and other devices. Generate analysis results indicating pervasiveness of attributes collected from your video.

Smart Kiosks & Dynamic Billboards

Instrument video streams from kiosks and dynamic billboards, collecting viewer demography and providing real-time demographic feedback to power context sensitive displays.

Anomaly Detection

Create alerts when observations deviate from historical data.  Once a baseline is established the system can detect anomalies of unusual patterns, get notifications when unusual activity is observed.

Line Length


We can create a real time alert rule that is activated when the number of observed people exceeds a given value. ImageSleuth acquires and tracks multiple individuals in video sequences. This allows  


Data Sharing

Security is a team effort, and the ability to deliver timely information where and when it is needed can mean the difference between a good and bad outcome.

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