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ImageSleuth, is a Computer Vision and Machine Learning company, we have developed the next generation video analytics.  Our patented platform is massively scalable, affordable and HIPAA/GDPR compliant.  Our platform anonymously detects and tracks people in real-time, simultaneously, on hundreds and even thousands of cameras, without the use of biometrics protecting the privacy of the public.   We offer our customers actionable insights into their video, allowing them to use real-time information across their enterprise to help provide successful security outcomes and better customer experiences, saving them critical time and allowing them to do the impossible.   


We give our customers powerful insights into their video allowing them to use real-time information across their enterprise to help provide successful security outcomes and better customer experiences.

Managing Volumes of Video


Security for all Large Venues-  Hospitals, Retail Shops & Malls, Stadiums & Large Venues, Airports, “Smart” Cities, Campuses, Train and Bus Stations, Smart Kiosks and Billboards Stadiums, Campuses, and Transportation Stations

Our customers are struggling to keep up with Terabytes of data being generated daily by their large IP camera networks. ImageSleuth analyzes and indexes that data in real-time and provides power tools to manage that data. ImageSleuth dramatically reduces the time and effort required to perform current monitoring and forensic tasks, while enabling new real-time capabilities that address existing gaps in security protocols. Our platform serves as a force multiplier for security and public safety officials protecting large, open facilities or “smart” cities, making them safer, through reducing critical response times and optimizing the utilization of your security team. And since security is a team effort, ImageSleuth incorporates mobility, real-time instantaneous queries and data sharing, and enables new procedures to drive successful outcomes.

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Business Intelligence

The ImageSleuth platform can be deployed across multiple vertical markets, including retail, marketing, financial, search and security. We provide valuable, non-biometric insights about who is coming to your store or mall, and who is purchasing, without creating or storing biometric data that would be subject to GDPR or other privacy requirements. ImageSleuth features may also be used to index and rapidly search your media to find people who meet demographic and other criteria. Security systems, which produce significantly more data than can be reviewed by human operators, are greatly enhanced by our real-time analysis, making search more timely and effective.

High Value Business Deployments

Harvest the untapped goldmine that is your images and video media. Put your demographic analytics into action regardless of your industry.

ImageSleuth provides real-time insights into shopper behavior and store operations using your own high definition security camera video data. Retailers like you are collecting large amounts of security camera data to try and thwart theft, but this data also contains a marketing goldmine. We can provide you with demographic business analytics, including gender, age, ethnicity, hair and eye color, emotion, and a slew of other details, without infringing on your customers’ privacy.  Run reports hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly to identify trends and measure the effectiveness of promotions. Compare counting estimates against point-of-sale transactions to understand foot traffic conversions. Remove the guesswork about who your best customers are or how to reach them, and avoid costly mistakes in focus and allocation of marketing resources and better understand what merchandise to stock. Realizing what consumers are reacting to will help you understanding how to better reach your customers. Make a significant impact and maximize your return on investment.

Retail Analytics

Out-Of-Home Networks

See who is watching your ads and when. ImageSleuth not only detects faces and harvests demographic information from them, but can also tell where the person is looking, which is useful in out of home situations because many people in visual range of the ad may not be looking at it.

Financial (ATM or remote)

Reduce fraud and loss via demographic analysis. The ImageSleuth analytics captures the person’s face and sends back an instant analysis of their demographic information.  Even if the account owner’s image is not available, information like age, ethnicity and gender may be enough to flag potential fraud – for example, if we know that the account owner is female, Asian in her 80s and the person attempting to use the account is male, White, in his 20s. Our platform is web scalable and can be run concurrently in multiple locations distributed nationally or worldwide using your video surveillance already in place.

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